Capturing life through fashion illustration.


Joshua is passionate about many causes, but he focuses his philanthropy on three main areas of interest: art, animals and mentoring the next generation of artists.

When Joshua was four years old, he began drawing shoes and cars. At school, fellow classmates would steal his crayons thinking they possessed some kind of magic. Throughout the years, Joshua ultimately replaced his crayons with pens, paints and paper.

Animals have always been an important part of his life. Joshua remembers growing up with Lily, the family dog. He now enjoys drawing in his Pasadena studio with Gina, his beloved standard poodle.

Joshua is also dedicated to helping the next generation of talented young artists. He has been a volunteer guest speaker in junior college design classes. Joshua welcomes the opportunity to contribute to charity art auctions and other fundraising events that benefit inner city arts programs, as well as animal rights.